Golf Course Pathways

Golf Course Pathway Solutions


At Supreme-Golf we offer a variety of path solutions and golf course pathway surface solutions to suit your paving needs around your golf course, or indeed any commercial or residential property looking to implement alternative surfacing. Options available include:

SuDS Bond Paving (Resin Bound Gravel)

Resin bound gravel is a mixture of rubber granules and decorative stone, bound together with polyurethane binder. It is strong and hardwearing whilst being reasonably flexible which is ideal for high use golf courses. This type of resin bound gravel provides a seamless, noise reducing surface with high quality appearance. Unlike tarmac, it is free draining allowing water to flow through the surface helping to eliminate standing water. Our golf course pathways are non-slip and provide a comfortable surface to walk on with spiked golf shoes. These surfaces are available in: white (silver), yellow, blue and red.

Wet Pour Rubber Pathways

Wet pour rubber is made of recycled EPDM rubber granules mixed together using a polyurethane resin. Wet Pour Rubber is an impact absorbing rubber surface which is a good option for golf course pathways with the main benefit being that any colour and design can easily be incorporated, as well as custom logos.

Artificial Grass Pathways

An artificial or synthetic grass surface is primarily made from a manufactured tufted synthetic grass carpet. Our artificial grass surface has the same properties as our other golf course pathway surfaces, as it’s laid over a base, whilst blending in naturally with the surrounding environment.

We provide a vast range of golf course pathway surfacing solutions across Canterbury, Kent, London and the whole of the UK so please contact us with any requirements.

Features and Benefits - Pathways for Golf Courses

  • Multiple surface types available: Wet Pour Rubber, Artificial Grass, SuDS
  • Year round use and safe access
  • Integration of logos and branding
  • Full range of colours available
  • Water permeable :>300 ml per minute per 100 cm²

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